I am serious when I say I LOVE getting my teeth cleaned. It's something I know is important, something I neglected for years but seeing that dramatic change since i started getting my teeth cleaned regularly has made me obsessed with getting them cleaned.

I always joke that once I get a dental hygienist they are stuck with me but I know I am not the only one. Many many people have had the same dental hygienist for years. I was linked up at Emerald West Dental with Naomi, a sweet sweet lady who is now my new friend! I am not sure if she knows that yet or not.

It was so nice to be connected with someone that fits my personality, is outdoorsy and knowledgeable in her field. I can't thank Emerald West Dental for thinking of me more then just a patient. From the moment I met her I felt comfortable and she listened to my issues and was super helpful. She also is from the Treasure Valley so she knows a lot of stuff about the community.

Can't wait to go back and see EWD and Naomi!

Heart Shape with doctor
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