Game shows are still king, and you don't have to be sick to enjoy them. There are few things people agree on nowadays, but one thing I think everybody loves is game shows.

Whether you like the new-age Floor is Lava type shows, or you are a classic game show watcher with shows like The Match and Family Feud, you know you love the drama and the laughs. There are still the game show juggernauts like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and my personal favorite, The Price Is Right, but recently there seems to be a resurgence of old game shows coming back to life. The newest “old” game show to return is Supermarket Sweep and boy does it bring back memories. It takes all the restraint I have to not run through the grocery store aisles at breakneck speed to throw 10 turkeys in the cart for no reason at all.

But what is it about these retro shows that make them so addicting? There’s plenty of new game shows, but none that capture my heart quite like the classics. Maybe it’s because it takes me back in time to snow days and sick days where life was simpler and you could watch cable TV all day. There are other shows that I wish would make a comeback like Legends of the Hidden Temple and Whose Line is it Anyway?.  What game show do you wish would make a comeback?

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