Unfortunately as the government shut down continues on there are more and more federal employees who are not getting a paycheck. While we can all agree it would be nice to see them get back to work, those decisions are out of our hands. But the Idaho Humane Society is stepping up to help those employees by giving them access to the Pet Food Pantry at their Boise location.

The pet food pantry was opened up over this past weekend on Sunday beginning at 11 a.m. offering a months worth of pet food for up to four household pets. The event ended at 2 p.m. that afternoon but there is another day later this month scheduled for an event identical to the one this past weekend.

If you're a furloughed federal employee that wants to take advantage of the offer be ready on Wednesday, January 30th from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Idaho Humane Society located at 4775 Dorman St. in Boise.

According to KBOI, this tremendous program was available in 2018 where over 31,500 pounds of food was given out through the pantry program. This is just another example of how great some people and organizations can be here in the Treasure Valley.

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