One thing I've learned as a parent - it's awfully tough to plan how your day is going to go.  You just never know.  Sometimes it's better to go with the flow, and leave some space in your day for trips to Urgent Care.

See that faint vertical line that follows the cut on Kallan's face down to her eyebrow?  That's the mark of a wall at preschool.  The corner of the wall won that battle.

When I picked her up from preschool on Wednesday she was in a great mood, and started spinning and dancing down the hallway carrying a map that her lil sis had dragged along from home.  As I was carrying lil sis a few steps ahead, Kallan trailed behind improvising a song about the map and doing dizzy-making 360's, and then I heard a loud SMACK and whipped around to see her on the ground with a shocked look on her face saying, "Mama, I'm okay!  It's okay!"  Then the blood started coming.

I'll spare you the details. But we ended up at Urgent Care and the friendly doc who was also a mom and understood how these crazy things happen, cleaned it up and applied some fancy skin-glue instead of stitches.  She said it will probably still scar.  When it was open, it was a decent-sized gash.

Just the other day (prior to the wall crash), Kallan was staring at herself in the mirror of the bathroom, and smiled and said, "Mama, I love my face."

Awe.... Awesome!  You are BEAUTIFUL my sweet Kallan, and please keep that attitude for your entire life.  Always love your face!  I love it too.

She is worried now about how this injury might scar.  I've explained how Mama doesn't have a perfect face, and other kids don't have perfect faces, and each little mark just makes us who we are.  Beauty is on the inside.  I hope her 4-year old mind can process that, and I hope if I fail at other things as a parent, that I don't fail at instilling the truth that each of us is unique, and that we have "that beauty beauty" no matter what size or shape we are.

You are beautiful Kal, and you are loved!  Now let's work on channeling that out-of-control singing and dancing into a Broadway career someday.