Do you ask your girlfriends for fashion advice, or do you go straight to Google?  

Even if a friend offers some pretty good fashion advice, chances are we'll still Google some questions to make sure she's on the right track.  Google is at the very least, a solid backup plan.

Some top Googled fashion questions in 2014 involved what to wear on a first date, what to wear on a job interview, how to wear a beanie (thanks Taylor Swift), and how to tie a scarf.

This gal has more than 28 million view on Youtube and she seems like a scarf expert to me, so I thought I'd post.  There are so many ways to tie a scarf, maybe there is no wrong way.  Cool!

We'll keep Googling fashion advice and tips, and then ask our friends how we look. Here's to a very fashionable 2015.

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