There is literally never a time that I won't advocate for radio to be people's number one source of audio infotainment. And according to a Forbes article this past June, it totally is. Radio accounts for 87% of audio infotainment consumption despite years and years of skepticism and conjecture that podcasts along with streaming services would kill the medium. But the truth is that podcasting and radio are different animals and don't deserve comparison. I fully support podcasts as another form of entertainment to add to your listening pleasure.

If you are interested in a certain topic, something more niche, there's a podcast for that! And here in Boise there are podcasts made for us by us that deserve your attention.

1. High Vibe Mama

"This is a wholistic health space where our conversations will be rooted in all things HIGH VIBE, from natural lifestyle, wellness, nutrition, fitness, motherhood, and all things HEALTH."

Kerri Price is a lifestyle mentor sharing her recovery journey from trauma and addiction for anyone who is looking for "radical and vulnerable crucial conversations to vibe up their life..."

2. Idahomies

"We talk all things Idaho, all things basic b*tch, and some Real Estate. It's random, it's a little nuts, it's two best friends shooting the sh*t about their lives in Idaho."

Kaici and Olivia host together.

3. Chasing Freedom

"On this channel we will teach everything we know about flipping houses, wholesaling contracts, and building a rental empire...The purpose of this content is to help you achieve financial freedom through real estate and investing to live the life on your terms."

Noah and Jeff host and are invested in answering listener questions.

4. Truth Fairies

"Brooke and Jamie fly around the internet to find the people and situations that really need a dose of reality."

They're 40-ish years old with lots of wisdom to bestow for the internet's most ridiculous.

5. The Boise Bubble

"A podcast about Idaho and Treasure Valley issues. From food to infrastructure. Brought to you by Shane and Natalie Plummer of Hello Meridian."

If you're one of Hello Meridian's 36K followers, add this to your podcast library.

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