The last three months of the previous school year for my son took place online. Let me tell you, I do not think he learned a damn thing during that time. But my kid has always been ahead of the curve in school, so I didn't feel worried. I was also under the assumption that life would go back to normal by the time this school year started and he'd be back in a normal classroom setting to begin 4th grade...but here we are.

Initially I was under the impression that all schooling would take place online, which made me nervous because of the experience he'd already had. The transition from third grade to fourth grade is a big one. I actually remember from my childhood. Virtual learning just doesn't work as well for him. There's something to be said about being in a space designed specifically for learning. No distractions from obnoxious little brothers, for one. And I just don't want him falling behind because the situation isn't conducive to his learning style.

This was also completely new enrollment for him, since all his prior schooling was in Las Vegas. So after a lot of confusion on documentation and re ordering his birth certificate (Oops, we lost it during the move), we finally got him set up to start tomorrow. And today is when I learned that this would take place in person as part of the hybrid model of learning the district has chosen. On some level it was a relief, but it raised a whole new set of concerns.

I know in person learning is best for Aiden, but I am worried about Covid-19. I hate to be an alarmist, but the virus has taken three people in my life already. I'll be damned if my kids get sick. There seem to be social distance protocols in place, but I don't trust kids to adhere to them. The best I can do is equip my little man with hand sanitizer, provide him a mask, and drill into him the importance of social distancing as best he can for his safety and for others.

As a side note, I do want to mention that I know this whole schooling during a pandemic is unprecedented and I know teachers and administration are doing the best they can. I appreciate them beyond measure. Once upon a time I went to school to be an educator. It is tough work and not at all enviable when parents get crazy as though teachers are purposefully trying to ruin the lives of their children. No matter how this school year pans out, let's all try and make it as easy on our educators as possible.

How are you handling school so far? Do we share some of the same concerns? I'd love to connect to discuss what is working for you during this time. Parents have to stick together.


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