Doesn't everyone need a colorful concrete turtle to sit outside the front door?  It's almost time to dig for treasures at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale, and you too can find hidden masterpieces like this guy.

This twenty-pound piece of yard art greatness was a prize find at a garage sale for my 6-year old a while back, and every time I look at him he makes me smile.  As long as I don't have to move him.  Did I mention he's heavy?  Like an anvil.

He was solid gray when we found him, and I let my artistic kindergartener get out the paints and go wild with the colors, making him into anything she wanted him to be.  He turned out to be a redneck.  Yeehaw!  He's weird and lovable, and he is my garage sale shopping inspiration for this weekend.

The people who sold him to us probably had no idea he'd make us so happy.  And that's how garage sales work, right?  Sellers are excited to cast stuff off that no longer helps them in life in any way, and it becomes a hot find for someone else.  There's a redneck turtle for everybody.

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is happening this Saturday at Expo Idaho, and there's no way we're missing this.  It's going to be a little chilly in the morning, but sunny and 75 on Saturday afternoon and we'll all want to be outside doing something.  Redneck turtle shopping is a perfect idea.

You know the master garage salers will be there early!  Gates open at 7 am and the event runs until 6 pm.  Plan your strategy now.  Do you get there early and have the first pick of everything, or do you wait until the end to find the biggest markdowns and best deals?  Bring the kids to help you spot the treasures that you might overlook.

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale, Saturday, May 19th

Expo Idaho
5610 North Glenwood
Garden City, ID


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