We're back! Idaho is opening up as we saw 7 different parades coming back this Summer and now Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is here.

You might love to grab a friend, drive-thru for coffee, and head out around your community looking for special deals at yard sales. That can be so time-consuming and it's a gamble. This yard sale takes over the entire parking lot at Expo Idaho.

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale will take place at Expo Idaho on Saturday, May 15, 2021. This is a first for the garage sale to bring in such a big celebrity duo that just happen to right from Idaho. The Boise Boys are HGTV's favorite guys who love to design, build and remodel. That exactly what you'll read from their Instagram page where you see all the Boise fun unfold. The country has been watching Luke and Clint for years as we get to welcome them to the return of Idaho's Largest Garage Sale.

Artificial Photography/Unsplash
Artificial Photography/Unsplash

What is this be garage thing anyway? It's an annual event when Idahoans save up all the stuff they want to sell and bring it to one location. No need to sit in your hot garage and hope people come by probably wasting a beautiful Saturday afternoon to see 35 people. Instead, close to 600 neighbors across Idaho will meet up in one location that will bring in more than 10,000 customers. That means, get there early.

Admission is $5 and there will be plenty of food including beverages. Parking is always free at Expo Idaho and the event will close at 5 PM. I'll post up links, directions and more information regarding the Boise Boys visit below.

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