My husband has been badgering me to get a dog, randomly sending me pictures of dogs throughout the day and providing fun facts about them. When it's not puppy pictures, he's guilting me with sad statistics about strays who need homes. The children have also been roped into begging for a four legged friend.

I've been resistant over the years citing it's too much responsibility for the kids to take on, and I don't particularly feel comfortable with dogs. But now that my older boy is almost 10, I'm beginning to think I should give in. Especially uprooting him from his life in Las Vegas, I'm sure having a K-9 companion would be helpful for the transition.

But what if we get a pig instead? I had a big potbellied pig called Willy when I was a tween and he was perfection. He was wildly smart, would eat anything, and very loving. Perhaps I adored him so much 'cause he reminded me of me. In any case, I'm already comfortable and knowledgeable regarding pig care. And as a vegan, I'd love to save one from slaughter. Plenty of people want dogs, but not as many want pigs.

I have some time to figure this out before my brood of boys arrive, so I guess my first order of business is to find a pig rescue. Any suggestions on where I should start? I know I can use the Google machine, but I know counting on my new community will yield better results.

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