There are so many ways to get home after enjoying some adult beverages now-a-days, there is absolutely no excuse for drinking and driving. You have taxi cabs, Uber, Lyft, Buddies 2C, or just simply post on social media you need a ride.

Although if you make the decision to drive after drinking you know there are huge consequences if you get caught. The Idaho Transportation Department has teamed up with law enforcement across the state of Idaho to get drunk drivers off the road. The extra patrols will be on now through September 4th.

There were over 10,850 people killed last year in the U.S. due to drinking and driving. 80 of those deaths took place here in Idaho, and 28 of them were during the summertime.

So many people want to enjoy the last few weeks of summer, and that can lead to over consumption of alcohol. But it really doesn't matter how much you have. Once you have your first drink, you should plan on having someone else drive. It's just not worth injuring yourself or even worse someone else.

ITD also is asking citizens to be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers. If you notice someone that you think is intoxicated behind the wheel, contact local law enforcement.

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