Folklore just screams fall/autumn to me every time I listen, which got me thinking. What would each Taylor Swift album be if it were a season? Depending on the mood of each season there is a Taylor Swift album guaranteed to match it. Here's how I believe each album should be categorized. Let me know your thoughts!

Red: Fall - While I think of Folkore being the late fall where it starts getting really cold, I think of Red being the early stages of fall like when the leaves first start changing colors.

Lover: Winter - I can't really explain to you why this feels more like a winter album than a summer album. I know, this is a very unpopular opinion. Maybe it's because I get warm and happy vibes similar to the ones you feel around Christmas time??

Reputation: Winter - This was definitely the most edgiest Taylor Swift era and the coldest we've ever seen her become with her emotions. Plus the album colors of red, black, and white sort of remind me of the holidays. Therefore this speaks to me as a winter album.

1989: Summer - This felt like Taylor's first true pop album and it has so much fun and upbeat vibes that remind you of pool parties in the summer.

Taylor Swift: Summer - With hits like Our Song, Picture to Burn, and Tim McGraw how can this not be a summer album?! "I was ridin shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car..." are totally summertime lyrics.

Speak Now: Spring - Well we know this album is post-winter with the song, Back to December, but apart from that there are several other factors of this being a spring album. There's a sense of renewed freshness with this album.  A lot of these songs make me want to go skip around in a sunflower field and fall in love.

Fearless: Spring - Half of me believes this is a spring album mainly because I can't stop picturing the Love Story music video. However the other half of me wanted to claim this as a winter album with songs like White Horse, Forever and Always, and You're Not Sorry. But then I realized this is 100% a spring album. Not all of spring is full sunshine and rainbows. There's a lot of cloudy rainy days too - just like this album.

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