Music has the power to evoke specific feelings within us similar to the way the seasons of the year do. Therefore, when we listen to certain songs we are reminded of the seasons that share the same moods, emotions, and qualities of those songs. 

Depending on what the mood of each season is, there’s without a doubt a Taylor Swift album guaranteed to match it! Below I’ve categorized each album into a season based on my own personal emotions felt while listening to them. 

Folklore: Late Summer / Early Fall

Folklore exudes all of the emotions felt during the tail end of summer and early fall. There’s a nostalgic feeling that comes along during that time that leads us into a more reflective state. It’s a transitional time of the year where you’re feeling sad because the summer is over yet optimistic for what the next season will bring. The lyrics of Folklore are doing the same thing. Taylor is reminiscent on this album of something that once was.

Red: Fall 

On Red, Taylor seems to reach a turning point in her break up where she realizes that it’s over but is still very much living through the rollercoaster of emotions every break up brings. She’s not over the heartbreak yet. This can be metaphorical to how the leaves change colors in the fall; when the leaves are falling but the trees aren’t quite dead. 

Reputation: Winter

Reputation was definitely the edgiest Taylor Swift era and the coldest we've ever seen her become with her emotions. The visual I get with reputation has me standing outside the club in the dead of winter all dolled up in a mini skirt and red lipstick but shivering because it’s cold AF outside. The album colors of red, black, and white are also reminiscent of the holidays.

Lover: Spring 

As the album cover visualises, Lover is fluffy clouds and colorful rainbows. This is a new born again era for Taylor coming straight out of her dark and cold Reputation days. The music is constantly upbeat and focuses on bright and positive themes. 

Speak Now: Late Winter / Early Spring 

I always get a sense of renewed freshness with this album as well. A lot of these songs like “Enchanted,” “Sparks Fly,” and “Mine” make me want to go skip around in a sunflower field and fall in love with someone. With Speak Now it feels like we are awakening out of a cold and dead period of time and embracing what is coming into our life that is new and beautiful.  

Fearless: Spring

I'm a bit torn categorizing Taylor's Fearless album but ultimately, I'm considering it a spring album. With the somber breakup songs like “White Horse,” “Forever and Always,” and “You're Not Sorry” I could imagine this feeling like a winter album. Not all of spring is full of sunshine and rainbows though. There's a lot of cloudy rainy days too. On top of that, I can't stop picturing the Love Story music video either.

1989: Summer 

1989 could be considered as Taylor's first true pop album and it speaks to me as a summer album. With all of the super fun and upbeat vibes, I'm reminded of all the joys of sweet summertime:  pool parties, endless wild nights out with friends, feeling and looking your best thanks to a nice summer glow. 

Debut (Taylor Swift): Summer 

With hit songs like “Our Song,” “Picture to Burn,” and “Tim McGraw” how can this not be considered a summer album?! I mean come on, "I was ridin shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car..." are totally summertime lyrics! 

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