Apple's iOS 14.2 update has given us over 100 new emojis and I could not be more thrilled to punch up my texts and Instagram posts with all the new characters! Whether it's food, animals, or representation and inclusion, the new list of emojis has a little something for everyone.

Among the new additions in the "human" category are a baby being bottle fed by a man, a ninja, and both male and female grooms and brides. Skin tone and hair color are customizable on all of them and include more tone/hair combinations than in previous updates.

One can only imagine the pandemic and current political climate had some influence on which ones made the final cut, as a grave stone and picket sign have been added. Far less culturally relevant (unless you're Weird Al) is the arrival of the accordion! But if you grew up watching Family Matters, here's your chance to add a little flavor to your Steve Urkel references.

I'm always surprised when more wildlife is added because apparently I have a limited knowledge of the animal kingdom. A gross looking worm, a fly, a cockroach, and some sort of green beetle have joined the rest of the creepy crawlers. I could have sworn there was already a beaver, but now there actually is. And a couple of extinct animals made the list: a dodo bird and, my spirit animal, the wooly mammoth. I think the mammoth will get a lot of use as we get deeper into the months where we're lazy to shave and gain holiday weight.


If none of these have shown up on your keyboard yet, simply update your phone. Settings>General>Software Update>Download & Install. And if you're anything like me you'll come up with weird reasons to text your friends and family just to use them.

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