With several triple digit days in the forecast for next week, this certainly isn't the news we want to share with you. 

On Wednesday, Idaho Parks and Rec announced restricted use of the swimming pond at Eagle Island State park after discovering a blue-green algae bloom in the water.  The algae produces toxins in the water that are dangerous to humans and pets.

Well, Thursday afternoon, the City of Boise made a similar discovery in the water at Esther Simplot Park, prompting the closure of Pond 1. If you go down to the park, you'll notice signs explaining the closure lining the beach of the park's largest pond.  At this time, it's only the Pond 1 where an algae bloom has been found.  Pond 2 and Quinn's Pond are still available for floating, paddle boarding and swimming.

Since it's grand opening, the ponds at Esther Simplot Park have been plagued by closures during the hottest days of the summer. Last year, the ponds were closed for more than a week after E. Coli was found in the water at both Simplot ponds and Quinn's pond. The struggle against E. Coli prompted the city ban dogs from swimming in the ponds.  That ban remains in affect in 2018.

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