Yes football season is here and more importantly BSU home games! I was able to enjoy the first game with my friend Olivia and we had a blast.

Starting the night off downtown was perfect, it wasn't busy for a Friday night and home game downtown but once you got close to the stadium things started to pack in. The shuttles were being used as I saw them with people heading to the game.

The tailgate crowds was ready as you could tell, they were packed in music loud and crowds even louder. The weather was warmer then I thought it would be and they predicted a storm but it was sunshine and nice weather the whole time. The best part? We got the W over Marshall, even though it was kind of a nail biter.

There has been suspect weather lately and so as we look forward to this coming up game which is a back to back home game it looks like another nice game but a bit cooler, and especially at night at that point. Next Saturday against Portland the forecast is 78 and partly sunny.

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