There are a handful of city markets around the Treasure Valley and I’m so excited for each and every one to return this spring as they each have something different and unique to offer. From crafts and original woodwork to local fresh produce there’s always something for everyone. These markets are also a great way to support our local communities.

The City of Eagle has recently announced that the Eagle Saturday Market will be returning in May. The Saturday Market will be hosted in it’s usual spot in Downtown Eagle at Heritage Park from 9am - 2pm on May 1st. After that the market will run every Saturday through October 2nd (no market on July 10th) from 9am - 2pm.

The Eagle Saturday Market has been operating every summer since 2002. You can always expect to meet talented vendors, indulge delicious local specialty foods and enjoy some live music! Which speaking of, there’s still time to apply to be one of these vendors or musicians.

the City of Eagle Parks and Recreation says they are currently looking for talented local musicians to share their sound at the market. If you or someone you know is interested in performing you can apply here.

When it comes to farmers markets specifically, there are a few others in the valley all of which will be opening soon or have already opened. You can now order and pick up local produce from the Boise Farmer’s market every Tuesday/Wednesday & Saturday. The Farm to Fork Farmer’s Market will open on May 18th.

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park

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