Things That Make You Go "Hmm"

BOISE, Idaho. The concept of driving without shoes—it's one of those things we rarely think about outside campground situations, but when it does come up in our day-to-day lives, it probably makes us go, "Hmm."

Reckless & Risky Business

Hmm, indeed. We'd be liars if we told you we hadn't assumed driving sans footwear was illegal across the Gem State. We'd also be liars if we told you we didn't judge our fellow Idahoans who go commando from the ankle down behind the wheel. Get a clue, or really, get your shoes, y'all.

After all, in a state like Idaho where the terrain and elevation can change dramatically from one mile to the next, driving without shoes resonates as reckless and risky behavior. But then again, risky and reckless decisions aren't necessarily illegal. So just how dangerous is barefoot driving?

The Real Danger Behind Shoeless Driving

Contrary to what we thought, data compiled by Drive Safe Online indicates the act of driving barefoot itself isn't dangerous. The real danger erupts in the aftermath of auto collisions.

Driving without proper foot protection is more dangerous in the aftermath of a collision. Typically, shoes protect your feet and skin from harm during car accidents. They provide a barrier between your feet and the road or keep synthetic materials from melding to your skin in case of a fire. Without shoes, you could have more complications during an accident that result in longer recovery or long-term damage to your feet. —Drive Safe Online

Is donning proper footwear helpful when you're zig-zagging buttonhooks on 21 East at 45 mph or faster? Logic coupled with 20 years of experience operating motor vehicles, give or take, tells us it is, but what say you, Idaho Law? Is driving shoeless illegal in the Gem State?

Scroll on for a quick gallery that breaks down Idaho's stance on clueless, pardon us, SHOELESS driving!

🚨 Can You Get Arrested for Driving Shoeless in Idaho?

🚘BOISE, Idaho. Logic and about 20 years of experience behind the wheel tells us driving sans footwear is a pretty risky, even reckless idea. But does that mean it's illegal?

Scroll on for a quick peek at Idaho's stance on the issue!

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