Idaho is known for producing a lot of things: potatoes, dairy (the state's highest export in the first half of 2022 according to the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation), and yes... famous celebrities.

Now, it's important to note that not all of the celebrities we're talking about today were born in Idaho. Rather, they're the most searched celebrities in each city... that makes them the most famous celebrity for that city, right?

Baby California?

Is Idaho a Baby California? Well, it could depend on who you ask but I, for one, don't think it is. But that doesn't mean Idaho isn't producing some amazing, talented, and successful people... except for one named Max Butler, a computer hacker who brought attention to Idaho for all of the wrong reasons.

Butler managed to hack his way to stealing an estimated $86 million before being apprehended by the FBI. But, don't worry! Butler is the only "bad celebrity" that made this list. Aside from that, you'll find politicians, a few athletes, and yes, Idaho's favorite movie star.

Let's look at the most searched celebrities in Idaho cities according to information from a website called "The Pudding."

9 Idaho Cities And Their Most Famous Celebrities

Here's a look at the Idaho cities and their most Wikipedia-searched celebrities according to The Pudding.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now, we can't talk about the most searched celebrities without talking about the most famous people who've graduated in or around Boise. Let's take a look...

The Most Famous People Who've Graduated In And Around Boise

Here's a look at 8 high schools in the Treasure Valley and their most famous alumni.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Aaron Paul is arguably the most famous Idahoan to ever "make it" and there was a certain point in time when Aaron listed his now-famous Idaho home, giving all of us a glimpse inside of the stunning house.

Let's take a look inside the home when Aaron first listed it for sale...

Inside of Aaron Paul's Million Dollar Boise Home

You know him best as Jesse Pinkman from the hit series "Breaking Bad" and in Boise, you know he's one of the biggest stars to ever call our city home. Now, the first home that he purchased in Boise, Idaho is on the market and up for sale. By far, this mid-century home is one of the sexiest builds we have ever seen--with access to the pool from nearly every room in the home.

KEEP SCROLLING through the photos below

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

All this talk of celebrities is making me hungry... let's look at Idaho's 10 most famous restaurants!

The 10 Most Famous Restaurants in Idaho

We're venturing to guess the woman who wrote MSN's "This is Your State's Most Famous Restaurant" article has never been to Idaho. No disrespect to Epi's in Meridian, which earned the honor, but these restaurants are far more well-known nationwide!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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