One of the cool things about having the Diamond Girls helping Mike out on the Mix Morning Show is getting the inside scoop on celebrities and their jewelry. Now, we have the inside scoop on NFL QB Drew Brees and his jewelry.

The Diamond Girls first told Mix 106 listeners about this news last week on the Mix Morning Show. Not only did they have the inside scoop, they were able to get a hold of the actual legal complaint filed in a San Diego court by Drew and his wife Brittany. The suit names, CJ Charles Jewelers and it's owner Vahid Moradi, of San Diego, California as defendants for various charges of fraud and breach of contract. You can see the complaint in the link below.

According to TMZ, Brees said he’s been buying jewelry from the CJ Charles Jewelers for many years, claiming that he’s spent around $15 million on watches, earrings, rings and other jewelry.

After having his jewelry appraised, Brees claims he was told his collection of jewelry purchased from CJ Charles is actually worth $9 million less than what he paid and what he was told his jewelry was worth.

TMZ also reports Brees alleges the biggest hit he took was on a rare blue diamond ring he bought in 2015 for $8.18 million that Brees said he was told by another appraiser was only valued at $3.75 million.

According to the documents of the suit, which the Diamond Girls were able to procure and share with Mix 106, Brees is seeking $9 million in damages.

Brees has been paid $194 million dollars over his career, and he signed a new contract this year that pays him another $50 million over the next two years.

So I personally find it kind of laughable when the CJ Charles lawyers say “Brees is only suing because of financial hardship, as a way to get a little extra money.”

I guess it’s possible for someone who’s made almost a quarter of a billion dollars over his lifetime and with $27 million coming in 2018 alone, to suffer financially, but let’s say it’s probably not too likely

TNZ says, "Moradi insists that he told Brees that the jewelry was an investment, and that the value would increase. However, in the suit, Brees claims that Moradi lied by saying he was selling Brees the Jewelry at wholesale prices, but when Brees had the Jewelry independently appraised, the value of the Jewelry sold didn’t appraise anywhere close to the retail value and in most instances didn’t even appraise at wholesale value."

To read the complaint filed in San Diego County Superior Court, click on the link below.

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