BSU is mandated to notify students when a sexual assault has been reported on campus.  Last night the students received an email about such an occurrence that happened in student housing on March 24, 2018.  No names or identities have been released at this time as authorities are investigating.

According to The Idaho Statesman the assault took place early on March 24 in the Honors college side of the Honors College and Sawtooth Hall.  The federal law requires universities to send out notification if there is an ongoing threat on campus.  So... I'm guessing there's some possible ongoing threat which is a little scary to think about.  No word on what that might be as of yet.

The Boise Police Department has been notified and is there to support BSU's Department of Public Safety in any way needed.  Here's a list of all 10 sexual assaults reported so far this year on the BSU campus...

▪  Reported March 19 at Jade Hall. Incident occurred March 9. Disposition: Police are investigating.

▪  Reported Jan. 27 at Keiser Hall. Incident occurred Jan. 25. Disposition: Police are investigating.

▪  Reported Jan. 12 at Chaffee Hall. Incident occurred Jan. 11. Disposition: Police are investigating.

▪  Reported Jan. 17 at BSU campus (no specific location). Incident occurred Jan. 14. Disposition: Police have investigated; case inactive.

▪  Reported Dec 5 at 1623 Joyce St. Incident occurred Nov. 24. Disposition: Police are investigating.

▪  Reported Oct. 7 at Sawtooth Hall. Incident occurred Sept. 29. Disposition: Police investigated; case inactive.

▪  Reported Oct. 4 at Clearwater Suites. Incident occurred Oct. 4. Disposition: unfounded.

▪  Sept. 14 at Varsity Center. Incident occurred June 29. Disposition: Police are investigating.

▪  Sept. 14 at Towers Hall. Incident occurred Sept. 1. Disposition: Police are investigating.

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