I just wrote an article about every getting excited because Disneyland announced its opening in late April. There are so many making alternate vacation plans and it's true that Idaho made that list.

I feel comfortable telling you about a new getaway that stays in our little circle of trust. This Idaho Summer vacation takes place on the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. Saddle up.

I was trying to explain this to our staff this morning about these three people on a vacation. The movie sections started quickly from 3 Men and a Baby to the Three Amigos. It's funny how these went back to the '80s until someone got it, "Wait, City Slickers?"  Yes. This was the '90s movie about three men finding their Smile as they closed in on turning 40. Billy Crystal a ton of stars were in it and it's about taking a vacation to a ranch.

I doubt you'll be running herds of cattle or fighting with ranchers on your vacation tour like in the movie. However, you can still vacation at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch and do all of the fun without the stress.

  • Horseback Riding
  • Rocky Mountain Hot Springs
  • Sawtooth Mountain Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rafting including other water sports
  • Fishing
  • and more.

Begin your nights on the front porch with a beverage of choice as you forget the city and gaze at the Sawtooth Mountains (turn off your phone!)

I would look at this as a recharge for your family. They have A Day In The Life sample itinerary that goes like this.

  • 8:30 AM - Coffee on the porch as the sun rises in your worn leather chair next to a stone fireplace. Enjoy garden-fresh veggie scramble with homemade chorizo and spiced potatoes.
  • 9:30 AM - You bag up a lunch, backpack, and hike to Sawtooth Lake with stops from Stanley Coffee Brewing to fly fishing. The day is long and fun-filled with live music as you arrive back at the cabin around 6 PM.
  • 9 PM - Turn in our turn it up by soaking in the hot pool under the stars after dinner.

There is a long list of activities that includes hiking horseback through the mountains. Don't we all need time away from this congested and crazy city life. We live in Idaho and luckily it's not too hard to hike away from it all. Do we really take advantage of it though?

This looks fun and maybe something you add to your Summer list.


I'm ready to leave now!

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