Don't Forget: In the midst of the nationwide problems we're dealing with, greatness is happening at home. There's a reason Boise continues to make the top of everything list. We see Meridian and Nampa joining them monthly.

Let's not forget the blue. Boise State Football electrifies the community and it's back this Spring with new coaches and major competition. 2021 is going to be great for Bronco Nation.

The Oregon Ducks will see one of their own stars fly back to Boise as the Bronco's new head coach, Andy Avalos. This is a former player, loves Idaho, and just announced his first coach to join him. BSU adds another up and coming star as the Broncos Offensive Coordinator, Tim Plough.

Jay Tust at KTVB is one of my favorite dudes covering sports and he posted this.

These are young guys with a lot of energy and just more to be announced soon. Speaking of energy, look at who the Broncos will be playing next. There's a reason to be excited about Bronco football because these younger guys will probably stay for a while. This list of competitors looks pretty good on the resume if you're able to manage wins. This could just be the beginning of something great.

Spring will come, the coronavirus will be contained and life will begin to come back. I can't predict what normal is but we always bounce back. The Broncos continue adding to their already exciting coaching staff with 5 years of great opponents. There is nothing like that buzz on gameday in Boise.

Don't forget, Bronco football is coming back and better than ever. This is just a list of some of the teams already on our schedule.



  • @UCF on September 4th That game is in Florida.
  • Oklahoma State on the blue turf, September 18th.
  • @BYU on October 19th in Utah.


  • @Oregon State on September 3rd in Oregon.
  • Michigan State on the blue turf, September 17th.
  • BYU on the blue turf, November 5th.


  • Oregon State on the blue, September 2.
  • UCF on the blue, September 9.
  • @Michigan State on September 16 in Michigan.
  • @BYU on October 21.


  • Houston Cougars on the blue September 7th.
  • @Oregon to play the Ducks, September 14th.


  • @USF August 30th in Florida
  • Oregon Ducks on the blue, September 13.
  • @Houston to play the Cougars on September 20.
  • BYU on the blue, October 25.


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