It's that time of the year where parents across the country are getting their kids ready to go back to school. One of the biggest stresses for parents is buying all the back to school supplies, especially with it costing so much. We are finding out today that if you bought your kids crayons from the dollar store they might have trace amounts of Asbestos, which could pose a risk to children.

The consumer group U.S. PIRG Education Fund is recommending that Dollar Tree recall Playskool crayons specifically as they are the crayons that tested positive. If Asbestos gets into the air and you breathe it into your lungs it could lead to Mesothelioma or possibly even Lung Cancer.

The crayons were manufactured by Leap Year Publishing, LLC and licensed by HASBRO. The Playskool Crayons found at the dollar store are exactly that only $1 for a box which means lots of kids might already have this ready to start going back to school. You know our motto "When in doubt, throw it out". Your child's health is way to important to risk it over a $1 box of crayons.

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