Being a dog enthusiast, I think whoever came up with this idea is a genius. We all know that during the summer months, your vehicle gets way too hot for your dogs to stay inside of them. There is a new company called Dog Spot that is trying to make sure that all dogs are safe and never suffer from heat exhaustion.

I saw a post on Facebook about the Albertsons on Broadway already having these set up outside of their store and after checking the Dog Spot website it looks like more are on their way to the Treasure Valley.

Here is how it works: You get a member card through their website which gives you access to the Dog Spot kennels, you can then put your dog in there while you run a few errands without having to worry about them being safe or getting too hot. The only person that can access your Dog Spot is you, with your member card. Through their app you can see where other Dog Spots are located and reserve one if you know in advance that you will be in the area.

It's a clever idea to keep dogs safe during extreme temperatures and I know that Albertsons is already a fan of them. I wonder how long until other grocery stores add Dog Spot outside of their establishments. Will you try Dog Spot?

Dog Spot

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