Mike and Nicole like to share stories about people here in the Treasure Valley who go out of their way to make other's lives better...and sometimes we don't realize just how big a difference one little gesture can make in some one's life...and that's what happened this week in downtown Boise. Do you know the guy in this picture?

As you can see in the picture a woman is emptying her car out because it's about to be towed away for outstanding parking tickets. The man in the picture noticed what was going on and how distraught this woman was and offered to pay her outstanding tickets for her in the hopes that the tow truck driver wouldn't tow away her vehicle.

The man is someone I've known for over 20 years and has a huge heart and goes out of his way to help people all the time. He's known to a lot of people in Boise because he's also been in the bar business in Boise FOREVER. His name is Ted Challenger.  Sorry Ted, knowing you, I realize this is probably embarrassing to you, but I have to share because it makes my heart happy and I know other people will love the story.

Now here's what nobody including Ted could possibly know about this woman and that is the woman who's car was about to be towed has gone through some very tough times over the past year and this was not only her car but also her house and it held all of her worldly possessions.  How do I know this?

After this happened she went on Craigslist to post a message yesterday afternoon in the missed connections section...You can read the Craigslist post is below.

"Thank you Ted Challenger, it's people like you, doing things like this, that make me proud to call Boise home."

If you know Ted or happen to see him around, tell him thank you and also congratulate him for being chosen as this week's "Mike and Nicole's Every Day Hero"

Remember if you see or know of someone who's going out of there way to do something nice for someone please share it with us by e-mailing:  mikeandnicole@mix106radio.com.  They could be chosen as our next Mike and Nicole everyday hero.

Craigslist Missed Connection
Craigslist Missed Connection

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