Do You Know The Guy in This Picture?
Mike and Nicole like to share stories about people here in the Treasure Valley who go out of their way to make other's lives better...and sometimes we don't realize just how big a difference one little gesture can make in some one's life...and that's what happened this week in do…
Nampa Man Left for Dead After a Craigslist Sale Gone Wrong
These are things Lifetime movies are made of…literally.
A Nampa man was robbed at gunpoint, choked unconscious, and left for dead on the side of an Oregon highway after a Craigslist sale gone wrong.
Mike Miller, a father of five, says a lot of his business comes from selling things online on si…
Two Recent Scams to be Aware of in the Treasure Valley
Here are a couple of recent scams to be aware of in the Treasure Valley. We have talked about one of them before and I actually found my friends house on Craigslist from this exact scam!
Posting your home for rent online, on sites like Zillow, might seem safe…but all it takes is a few clicks for some…