You could be rich already and not know it. I posted this last week and heard from two family members who clicked on it and have money coming their way.  My son called to thank me because he has $350 coming to him and I also heard from my sister. She found eighty cents.   Here's how to find out if you have money and how to get it.

Steve Frost,ThinkStock
Steve Frost,ThinkStock

Every year millions of dollars goes unclaimed because people have forgotten about it or maybe they moved and didn't give a forwarding address.  This might be you, and as proof, I did a search on this site a few years ago and found out I had $160 with my name on it just sitting there.  Yes, I know it wasn't a lot of money, but $160 is nothing to sneeze at, and you can be sure I not only claimed it, but spent it in a quick hurry.

Do you have money that hasn't been claimed?  You might be surprised, so don't wait, do a search and find out if you have some extra money for the holidays. I've helped to make it easy by giving you a direct link for your search, just click on the button bar below and happy hunting.

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