You could be rich and not even know it. Every Year Idaho turns over millions of dollars to the state that people have forgotten about. It might be a tax returns, old stocks or bonds or a class action suit you might not even be aware of that you were a member of. Here is an  easy search you can do to claim any money you might have coming to you.

Steve Frost,ThinkStock
Steve Frost,ThinkStock

I did a search a couple years ago on this site and had two different checks totaling over $170 that I didn't even know I had coming to me. After filling out the paperwork, I had my money in about 3 weeks. After seeing my post, one of my kids called to thank me because he has $350 coming to him and I also heard from my sister....She found eighty eight cents.

Every year millions of dollars goes unclaimed and gets turned over to the state because people have forgotten about it or maybe they moved and didn't give a forwarding address. Or maybe you didn't even know you had this money coming to you.  This might be you.

Do you have money that hasn't been claimed?  You might be surprised, so don't wait, do a search and find out if you have some extra money back to school shopping or maybe even a spa day

. I've helped to make it easy by giving you a direct link for your search, just click on the button bar below and happy hunting.



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