I know I am not alone in this.

I have suffer from serious driving-related anxiety and panic. This internal fear really originated back in August when I road tripped 27 hours from Indiana to Idaho last summer and my car broke my down TWICE! How could I not be traumatized?!

As you may know, there isn't much civilization along the way especially from Cheyanne, WY to here.  Luckily - and I still thank God for this everyday - but luckily I was just off of an exit both times and was able to get car assistance and stay in a couple nice hotels. There are miles and miles of NOTHING in between though and I could've easily broken down anywhere else. I really don't like to even think about though.

As a result of this experience I now have anxiety driving long distances, especially through the mountains as it was honestly the first I have ever seen the rocky mountains. I can't help but overthinking something random will go wrong with my car again and I'll breakdown somewhere dangerous along the way. Since then I have made one other long road trip and that was from Boise to Seattle. My palms were sweating the entire eight hours and I about had a panic attack driving through the foggy Cascades at night when it was misting.

So I guess the point has been made by now: I do not like driving long distances and I most certainly do not like driving through mountain passages. As it turns out I am not alone as driving is one of the most common situations that triggers anxiety. For some it's bridges and tunnels that are the source for panic since the possibility lingers of getting stuck with no easy or safe escape route.

There a couple of things I've learned as ways to help manage this driving-related anxiety and panic. First, you have to take the road as it comes and focus on the piece of road that is actually in front of you; no reason to think ahead and freak yourself out. Second, avoid letting anxious feelings convince yourself you are in some type of real danger. It's easy for our minds and bodies to trick ourselves and give us a false feeling of danger.

Do you suffer from driving-related anxiety and panic? Has it got any better over time for you? If you have any advice of your own, please share!!

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