Mother's Day is coming up and all I want is a "Treat Yo Self" weekend far away from the kids I had who are responsible for making me a mom in the first place. My reward for mothering should be a day (or two) where I can do the things I'd want were I not always bogged down with responsibility. But it was actually my (amazing, favorite) choice to have them. They didn't ask to be born, yet here they are bringing all kinds of joy to my life. So if I get a holiday for raising them, they should have a day of fun too.

Right now my kids are obsessed with Jennifer Garner's Netflix Movie, Yes Day. Jennifer plays a mom of three whose pre-maternal life was one of saying yes to all adventures. But motherhood turned her into a No Monster to the point that her kids were resenting her. In an attempt to better her relationship with her kids, she and her husband agree to a "Yes Day." Whatever the kids want to do, they get to do. Whatever they want their parents to do, the parents do. It's a movie, so things get way out of hand. But there's no reason I can't give my two boys a "Yes Day."

So here's the list they've compiled that I'm not allowed to refuse. Keep in mind I have a ten year old and a four year old.

- Duck Donuts for breakfast
- Idaho Pizza Company for second breakfast
- Wahooz for bumper cars
- Zoo Boise for a giraffe encounter. I don't have the heart to tell them that exhibit is temporarily closed.
- Idaho Reptile Zoo to adopt a snake. They are getting more intense with this list, I'm nervous.
- "Running all over without shoes!" That was the 4 year old's request.
- Four Square tournament
- Island Sushi and Ramen for lunch
- Jeremy's Downtown Arcade for "the ultimate arcade challenge"
- Sid's Garage for burgers
- Watch Sonic 2 at "the movie theater by Daddy's work." My older son means Regal Edwards Boise & IMAX and apparently is fine waiting over a year for this "Yes Day"

This sounds exhausting. But they deserve it. Guess I'll start prepping the house for a snake.

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