"New Normal" is a phrase I'm hearing quite a bit. Inevitably, the world is going to change after all this. Some great things will come of it, I'm sure, some not so great. Some staples in our lives will certainly change, even your Disneyland experience.

I think in some ways, we'll live in a cleaner, more germ free world after the craziness of the Coronavirus subsides. People and companies will want to protect themselves from germs, and from lawsuits!

Disney's Bob Iger wants Disneyland to be a fun AND safe place for families to visit for years to come, and has eluded to the fact that the next time we go, things may be a little bit different.

According to Barron's, Iger has suggested there will health and temperature checks upon entering Disney parks once the social distancing recommendations have been lifted.

I think it's very possible that we'll see more of this in the future. Going to sporting events and concerts, passing through a metal detector and a temperature screening, is that too crazy of a notion? Either way, the world will be different, but hopefully healthier after all this passes.

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