You may have heard a loud explosion echo over Eagle, Idaho on Friday evening around 8:00 p.m.

Eagle resident, Joe Schumacher says he was about ready to take his dog for a walk when we heard a "huge explosion." He says reports the explosion being loud enough to shake a house. After doing some investigating on his own Schumacher was able to gather some footage from a few local ring doorbell cameras.

The door cam picked up everything! In the footage, first there is a bright flash in the sky followed by a huge boom a couple of seconds later. My first thought after watching the footage was aliens but according to meteorologist that probably isn't the case.

The weather professionals over at CBS2 analyzed the video and Chief Meteorologist Roland Steadham said that the bright light and loud boom appears to be "a meteorite entering into the Earth's atmosphere." He said the "meteorite would have been moving at such a fast pace that it created a sonic boom."

The atmosphere seems to be very active at the moment. On Saturday night I actually thought I saw two shooting starts as I was driving westbound on I-84. In addition to that, the northern lights were reportedly visible from the continental United States last week. On December 21st, you'll also have a chance to witness something that hasn't happened in the sky in nearly 800 years; Saturn and Jupiter will align to appear as one big star as what astronomers are officially calling it the Great Conjunction of 2020.

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