Let’s talk waffles. First, should waffles only be eaten at breakfast time?

Of course, the answer is no! Is it more common to eat waffles at breakfast time? Yes. Should eating waffles be limited to only breakfast time? Absolutely not haha can you tell I like waffles?

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Now, which is better, pancakes or waffles?

Definitely waffles.

Now that we’ve settled that, did you know that Boise is home to one of the best waffle houses in all of Idaho and even throughout the whole country?

LoveFood recently created a list of the best waffle houses in each state, and Waffle Me Up (pictures of their delicious waffles below) was ranked as the best waffle house in all of Idaho.

Here’s what LoveFood had to say about the restaurant...

“You can find Waffle Me Up at two locations in Boise and Meridian. It gets great reviews for its golden fried chicken and waffles served with white gravy and bacon, and a dish called Waffle Me Strawberry (Nutella, sliced strawberries, strawberry sauce, powdered sugar, and whipped cream).”

Keep scrolling for pictures of the Waffle Me Strawberry mentioned above.

Waffle Me Up’s website says, “Thank you for supporting a local, family-owned business at this difficult time for small business owners. For eight years we have been serving the Treasure Valley with amazing Liege waffles.”

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