Looking for a gig, one with tips so you can take home some cash tonight (maybe even snag a free moons over my hammy)? Denny's in Meridian is hiring on the spot!

I pulled up to Denny's in Meridian the other day and saw a sign on the door that said the dining room was closed; not because of Covid, but because they were understaffed. The sign also indicated they were conducting interviews and hiring on the spot. This tells me they really need the help right now, and if you could use the extra cash and don't mind putting in a hard day's work serving hungry Idahoans, this might be a good gig for you!

Denny's in Meridian's phone number is 208-898-9599. If you have any interest, you should call and setup an interview asap. I don't know what the pay is, or what benefits they have but if you could snag a Saturday or Sunday morning shift, I'd imagine you could pull in some good money in tips! I've also gotta think that the occasional meal would be on the table (for lack of better words) if you wanted it, or a chocolate shake. In fact, I've always been impressed with Denny's' spaghetti and meatballs. Look, clearly I can't apply cause I would gain a hundred pounds because just the discussion of Denny's has me naming off my favorite items, but if you've got a little more self control than me, go for it. Get the job, make that cash! In the mean time, Denny's in Meridian is only open for takeout since they don't have the employees to handle the restaurant being open. They're waiting for you!

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