This whole Coronavirus thing is pretty scary... And apparently a man that has passed away here in Idaho is going through a second round of testing to determine whether or not he had the virus.

I have a tendency to block these things out, which is probably a bad move, but I also refuse to live in fear of something that's totally out of my control. This, however, is hitting a little closer to home at this point. Last week, a 71 year old man named Frederick Gilbert was found dead in his Boise home and was suspected to already have been dead for several days upon being found.

Initial testing indicated that he did not die of the virus but after finding out he had recently returned home to Idaho from a trip to China, officials decided they would run him through another round of testing to verify he didn't have the virus. So, I'm gathering it's highly unlikely that there will be any trace of the Coronavirus here in Idaho, but pretty terrifying nonetheless.

According to KTVB, approximately 1,100 people in China have died from the virus, about 45,000 people worldwide have caught it, 14 of which were confirmed cases here in the United States. I did see an argument that a lot more people have died from the flu this year than the Coronavirus but it's hard not to think of like the black plague and some of those big historical viruses that killed thousands of people and changed history. So, I think we'll be okay, I doubt we'll all be wearing hazmat suits next week, but it's good to stay up to date on this stuff anyway.

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