It's no surprise that Boise is growing and expanding lately. More and more people are realizing how amazing our city is and moving here for different opportunities, which has led to various areas of town seeing new buildings and improvements to old structures. I was happy to hear that one building that has been vacant for a while will soon be getting a makeover.

The decaying building located at the corner of Beacon Street and Division Avenue off of Parkcenter Boulevard was recently purchased by Crunch Fitness, a chain of franchised athletic clubs. This building is located fairly close to the Mix106 studio and has been an eyesore for employees and station visitors for years.

Though the building has housed other gyms in the past including a 24 Hour Fitness and Park Center Health and Racquet Club, it still needs to undergo major construction before opening in the coming months. Crunch Fitness plans to invest around $400,000 in revamping the old gym, filling in the old pool and spa, removing skylights and demolishing part of the second floor.

The project is a huge undertaking, but should definitely improve the view from Parkcenter and the surrounding East side neighborhoods.

Find out more on this project, HERE.

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