Bottles up, friends! It's debate night! The first of three Presidential debates that will take place between now and November 3rd and if you're looking for a drinking game, you've come to the right place.

Now, I'm not saying you have to drink, that's not my place. But if there were ever a time in our lives where we might need a drink, this might be it (drink responsibly)! The debates, in truth, are not for Trump supporters or Biden supporters, they're a battle for the undecided voter. I'd think at this point in the 2020 race, most people are probably pretty confident that they've made their decision, but in a country of 330 MILLION people, there are certainly going to be those who still have to hear what both of these guys have to say.

Look, it's 2020 and this is the world we live in. Get ready for bragging, name calling, big shots at the opponent, a little fear mongering in there along with some expensive suits and American flag pins and you've got a debate! Which of these things are drinking game worthy? Well, lucky for you, I've scoured the internet looking for some potential drinking games. Now all you have to do is decide, are you a simple game player? Are you into Bingo? Are you going to take a swig of beer or a full shot? It's entirely up to you! That's one of the great freedoms of being an American; choosing what you drink while you watch democracy unfold before your eyes!

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