After 33 years David Letterman wake's up this morning with nothing to do.  He's been hosting Late Night for over 3 decades, but did you know before Dave hosted Late Night, he was a radio DJ and also a television weatherman?

So just think maybe there is hope for Kate and I to be successful and move onto hosting our own TV show just like Dave.

Watch Dave in his early days as weatherman at a TV station in Indiana.  Even then you could see his funny quick wit.  A quick wit that would eventually get him fired for saying that hail was falling in the area, the size of canned hams.  (true story)

Here is one of the best shows I EVER saw not only on David Letterman's show, but one of the most awesome things I've ever seen on TV.  This is the show with the late Andy Kaufman with wrestler Jerry Lawler.  This is the appearance after they wrestled together and Jerry hurt him in the ring. This was also the first time that I had ever heard the eff word live on television

(Warning Offensive Language)  Forward to about 4:45 for the start of the interview.  Andy goes nuts after being slapped in the face near the end of the clip.

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