Me and my wife are always looking for fun date night ideas in Boise, and this is next on our list!

I stumbled upon this thanks to @Boise_Bucketlist on Instagram. It's Boise Art Glass and according to Boise Bucketlist, the goal of Boise Art Glass is to "share our love for glass art with our community and to create positive, memorable experiences. Established in 2004, Boise Art Glass is independently owned by a professional artist. Striving to communicate quality through our showcase of fine glass products, we display a variety of handmade items ranging from sculptures, chandeliers, jewelry and more. We invite you to join us in one of our many classes and hand-make an item of your choice!"

This is something you can do on a night out and keep a memory of forever! One of the coolest things that Boise has to offer, in my opinion. Glassblowing seems like one of those oddities in the world, like snowflakes (pardon the weak example), where every time you make something, it's completely different, there are no two alike! They make paper weights, vases, sculptures, jewelry, ornaments, the works really. And the cool thing is, you can have them make something awesome for you, or you can go to one of their classes and make something for yourself!

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You can find Boise Art Glass (along with Mix 106 and Moug & Angie Mornings) hanging out at First Thursdays, the first Thursday of each month in Downtown Boise for our monthly art, music and culture gathering, or you can book an appointment online with Boise Art Glass.

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