I love this area already! If you have never heard of the 'Council, Idaho Porcupine Races' then get ready for some fun and laughs.

Where I am from we have pig races, wiener dog races, chicken races and other animal races but never have I heard of porcupine races? So we decided to call the Council, Idaho Chamber of Commerce ( which was a ladies cell phone...my kind of place!) and inquired about these 'pine races.

She in fact told us they do happen every year in Council. I am not sure how I kept from laughing during the interview but we found out that the youth that partake in this great race have to catch the porcupines in the woods and can only keep them for three days. Oh it gets better the 'pines are required to be in the parade! It all happens on 4th of July.

According to AAA :

This small-town celebration begins with breakfast in the park, followed by a parade, the World Championship Porcupine Race and fireworks. Please call ahead to confirm event details.


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