Did you know October is Vegetarian Awareness Month?  I didn't.

In fact yesterday, October 1, was World Vegetarian Day.  MSN pointed it out, and I started wondering if I could become one.  Could you?

The point of Vegetarian Awareness month, I read, is to get meat-eaters to consider going meat-free at least a few days this month.

I thought about that, and I'm pretty sure I do it already, not really realizing it.  I could surely survive on hummus, seed-based chips and crackers, granola, yogurt, and salads.  But I do love my salmon, thick-sliced deli turkey and chicken breasts, and barbecued chicken too.  I grew up on a cattle farm in Nebraska, and for awhile my dad raised hogs too.  That's meat and potatoes country for sure, and he would not understand the meat-free diet if I totally implemented it. Family tugs at me a little bit, so I keep going with the meat.

I have much respect for vegetarians and vegans, and anyone who makes a personal choice that's best for them.  High five!

I'm close, but I'll probably never be able to go totally meat-free. Are you reading this while you're chowing down on a cheeseburger at lunch and dripping grease on the screen?  I feel that right now! And good for you too!  Just be happy I say.

And happy Vegetarian Awareness Month.


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