It's in 2020. It's in 2020. Let me repeat, It's 2020 and this isn't the way I wanna end things. I mean does the circle of life work like this because I don't like it!

Then again nothing is normal right now and I came across this video from our neighbors in Utah. Insert high anxiety.

We live in Idaho where Idahoans probably don't think twice of things like this. My wife grew up in Oakley, Idaho with all her family. I love running up there and especially how quiet it is. I'm not sure when it happened but I hesitate now for one reason. What if you're out running and immediately get barked at. What if you were chased down by these old dogs and one decided you look somewhat like a threat.

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Wait, I've been able to deal with the dogs but it's a cougar. What about a mountain lion. I'm from Texas but I'm still a city boy. Is a cougar and mountain lion the same thing? I lived in Anchorage for years and came too close to Bear once. I was on a run too.

Watch as this guy gets stalked for 6 minutes. It looks like he's walking backward but I'm too focused on that cougar. This is scary. I just think it's funny at the end because I would have been running like no other. This guy obviously read the rule book on what to do if this happens. Take a moment and read these precautions and steps from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. This just in case it happens to you.

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