People tend to ask me if I heard the story about (insert depressing story) or this person did to (insert depressing story) and the next thing you know the day is filled with sadness.

We can't escape the bad in the world because it's everywhere. However, we can focus on the great and share the amazing things. I know businesses have been hit hard but I've met so many people delivering food. The other night my wife ordered some thing and the sweet lady said, "Hi Kekeluv!"

I would challenge you to do something like the video I'm about to share. You don't have to invite anyone inside or spend a ton of money but a gesture. The look on this man's face was priceless. We should all be trying to make someone else smile especially when tomorrow is just so damn uncertain.

If we know anything about living in Boise out to Caldwell it's that we give back. There is no doubt about the love Idaho has for the community. Please share this and let your friends know that good exists. There is a sweet part inside all of us and right now is the time we find it. My wife was crying when she saw his reaction. I would love to see what kind of great you come up with.

This gentleman was just delivering pizza and that's when a magnificent thing happened.

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