It feels like fall is finally here, and there's more to be excited about than just cozy hoodies and autumny-tasting lattes. We've got a lesser chance that wildfires are going to creep up on us  now too, and a big part of our region is in the same boat.  Camping trip on!  

It's not going to get above 70 this week, and the cooler weather means our chances of sparking wildfires in Idaho are dramatically reduced.

We can't lose our good sense of course and start getting careless with campfires and cigarette butts, but in general, mother nature's decision to give us some relief from warm weather brings less fire risk.

Montana is still dealing with problems from a severe drought, and fire risk is still high there.  But in Idaho the cooler, damp weather makes the grass less crispy and reduces the chances of a fire getting out of control.  Big wildfires will still be an above average problem for Southern California through December, according to KTVB.

None of us wants a repeat of the Table Rock fire, or any of the other recent fires that have ruined landscapes and put lives in danger.  Be smart on camping trips this fall, and we'll keep you updated.

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