I've had a secret over the past month that I promised that I wouldn't say anything about, till it became official...and that is now. I had lunch with Derek Hood the owner of Lucky Fins Seafood Grills here in the Treasure Valley about a new concept he was working on called "Naked Fins"

Derek Hood

Even though Naked Fins sounds a little salacious...it's not going to be Idaho's newest breastaurant, like Hooters or Twin Peaks, it will be a fast casual dining experience with similar food to Lucky Fins....Owner Derek Hood explained  it to me this way: “It’s kind of a hybrid of Lucky Fins, with a little bit of everything,only fast and casual” He added they will concentrate especially on "rolls, bowls and tacos". As in sushi rolls, poke' bowls and fish tacos.

Hood says he hopes to have the new location open sometime in August in the former Subway location at 1120 South Broadway avenue near Boise State University.

Other Lucky Fins operate at 1441 N. Eagle Road in Meridian at the corner of Fairview and Eagle road and in downtown Boise at Boise Center.

The also have Smokin Fins locations in Greeley, Fort Collins, Littleton and Arvada, Colorado, as well as in Chandler, Arizona. A Smokin Fins should open in Idaho Falls sometime this fall also. Smokin Fins adds house-smoked options such as ribs, turkey and pork.

Credit: Google Maps