Over the last year, there has been a lot of attention paid to the City of Boise's curbside compost program.  Residents were able to pick it up, and now, businesses can too.

The collection program that has been underway over the last couple years meant that last November, residents were able to pick up compost (and did so with enthusiasm collecting 400 cubic yards in four days).

Now. a second batch is ready to be distributed in early Spring, and the Boise City Council has approved a pricing plan for businesses to purchase any excess material.

The Public Works Department is confident that their current supply will far exceed what they can "give back" to consumers, so they have put the plans in place for the sale model.  They've already researched interest from businesses, and are confident there will be demand.

Customers who have been participating in the program will get priority and have the ability to get one cubic yard.  Businesses will be waiting for a second round.

If you have interest in getting some of the next round of the compost, keep an eye on the curbit program website.  Right now, officials are only saying the compost will be available in early spring.

Find more on the program and the new sales to businesses in this article from the Boise Weekly.

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