Jennifer is Moug and Carly's first Rose Ceremony winner, and you HAVE to see her submission video, she did an amazing job!

This is way cooler than anything we could have asked for... We've been asking you to submit :30 second videos through the Mix 106 mobile app explaining why you'd like to be one of our Bachelor Live winners. We're doing five qualifiers this week and then Friday we'll pick a grand prize winner who gets to take five of her friends to the Bachelor Live!

Back to Jennifer... Who is a super serious fan of the Bachelor, loves Ben Higgins, is married, but her husband understands her love for The Bachelor. Check out Jennifer's "Truth Hurts" style video that earned her the first Rose from Moug and Carly of the week!

Now, we're not expecting everyone to put together a whole song, though it would be nice... Just a quick :30 second video explaining why you'd like to go see the Bachelor Live!

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