Roadwork is by far and away one of the absolute worst pieces of news to receive when it comes to your daily commute. Of course it's nice for roadways to become better and more efficient, but the process can be quite the nightmare to live through, especially when it happens on streets that seem impossible to avoid. The Idaho Transportation Department just announced the Ustick overpass will be closed for over a year. But sometimes you hear roadwork news and feel like the traffic gods were listening to your innermost desires or at least linked to your phone's mind reading algorithm.

Meridian is quite the thriving little city and is expanding daily. Among the many farms you can see multiple housing developments popping up. I happen to live in one of them and absolutely love it. But that means the one lane in each direction streets are becoming more and more congested. During peak commuting hours there is a lengthy line of cars just trying to make it to their destination on time, and this four way stop situation can be a real hindrance. For almost a year I've been thinking specifically that Ustick and Black Cat would benefit from a traffic light and now it's happening!


The Ada County Highway District plans to have the traffic signal installation completed by this summer, and form he looks of it today the project seems to be going smoothly roadworkers are directing traffic through the intersection in a way that's already quicker than the stop sign situation. I breezed right through (slowly, as directed), and am pumped I soon won't have to deal with the anxiety of courtesy waving people to "Go!" because it was too hard to tell who reached the stop sign first.

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