The Greenbelt is one of the coolest things about Idaho. My workplace is just yards away from the popular path and it's been instrumental in my joy. Need fresh air? Greenbelt. Want to chill by the river for some relaxation? Greenbelt. Want to go for a walk or a run to clear your head? Greenbelt. And now the City of Boise is proposing the Boise Pathways Plan inspired by our beloved Greenbelt.

Jimmy Hallyburton, a member of Boise's City Council, took to Instagram today to explain the mission of the Boise Pathways Plan.

"One of our city's strategic priorities is movement for everyone. And to make that possible, we need safe, reliable, and convenient transportation options for everyone that works, lives, and plays in Boise." He further expanded saying, "The Boise Pathways Plan builds on the success of the Greenbelt by creating a network of walking and biking pathways that take you where you need to go without using a vehicle."

This is definitely a cool initiative that would provide more access and help the environment by minimizing the carbon footprint from driving vehicles. Now the City of Boise is asking you to fill out a survey to inform them on how to get this project underway in a manner that will truly benefit the people of Boise.

The survey is quick to complete and provides detailed information of the Pathways Plan. There's also an interactive map feature at the end of the survey where you can give feedback on where you would benefit from the project. Completion for the Plan is slated for August 2021. You can click here to complete the survey and view the timeline.

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