Have you ever wondered what happens to that HUGE debt left at the end of the year from kids not being able to afford school lunches?  They have to be fed but food cost money and that money has to come from somewhere.  Schools, unfortunately, are forced to pay that debt with their yearly budget which is normally spend on education.  The yogurt company Chobani is saying, "Not in our backyard".  Chobani has a huge plant in Twin Falls, Idaho.

According to KTVB, Chobani is stepping up paying more than $85,000 to clear all lunch debt for the Twin Falls School District so the schools can take that money and use it how it was intended to be used.  For EDUCATION.

The Twin Falls School District just sent out this letter to all parents...

The Twin Falls School District would like to thank Chobani for this contribution which greatly helps the district maintain an effective child nutrition program.  The TFSD serves roughly 5,600 lunches and 2,100 breakfast per day throughout the school year.

Way too often we seem to be interested in the negatives.  People always ask why there's so much BAD in the news.  Where's the GOOD?  Truth is, the BAD is what people read, watch, react to, and seem to want even though they won't admit it.  I believe we all need to be focussed more on the GOOD and praise those who step up to make our communities better.

Thank you Chobani for allowing these young children to eat a hot meal every day and thank you for taking that pressure off their parents.  It may be a small thing to each one of them but to me, it's HUGE and applaud you.

FYI... this isn't the first time Chobani's stepped up and done this.

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